Farewell to a Favorite

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The bar and restaurant, Tin 202, at 202 High Street, Morgantown, West Virginia, prides itself on the inspired cocktails they create for their guests. Bringing back from an era long past, the bartenders of this fine establishment have given life to a craft Morgantown has never seen before. When changing to their newest cocktail menu, they decided to experiment with song titles, and with it they fashioned Beast of Bourbon. The minds behind this Rolling Stones creation decided to share the secrets on how to make a bestselling drink of Tin 202.2015-03-26 12.28.51

Starting with the essentials, make sure you have what you need: Old Forrester, Chai Liqueur, maple syrup, water, ice, matches, and an orange. These items will be the makeup of Beast of Bourbon. However, to understand how the bartenders of Tin 202 perfect the details, having a jigger, two shaker cups of different proportions, a cocktail strainer, a vegetable peeler, and a rocks glass will be helpful in your replication.
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The next step is to combine three-fourths of maple syrup with one-fourth water. Mixing these two ingredients together will allow the solution to blend easier with the other components. At Tin 202, we believe in using local resources; we use Miller’s Purely Maple Syrup which is located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.2015-03-26 12.31.11
After you’ve created your mixture, it is time to add all of the ingredients into the larger shaker cup with ice.

  • 2 ounces of Old Forrester Bourbon
  • .75 ounces of Chai Liqueur
  • .75 ounces of the maple syrup and water blend


Topping with the smaller shaker cup, vigorously shake for about five seconds before covering the top of the cup with a cocktail strainer. Using the strainer will keep the ice from pouring into the glass with the liquid. Once the drink has been transferred into the rocks glass, fill the remainder of the cup with ice.2015-03-26 12.31.42

To add the hint of orange flavor that ties this cocktail together, first you’ll need to peel a thick layer of orange; nothing too large but still big enough to garnish the drink. Make sure not to get any of the fruit itself because you’re only after the peeling. Next, strike a match and hold the orange with the pith side up; the pith is the white underside of the orange peel. Holding the match directly underneath the rind, squeeze the peeling. In doing so, you’ll add a touch of torched orange oil.

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Complete the drink by topping the Beast of Bourbon with the orange peel and add in two bar stirrers. This wonderfully fashioned drink came from four collaborative minds of Tin 202; and although it’s no longer available, don’t let that stop you from joining us and experiencing the finesse and the dedication behind crafting cocktails. It’s a treat to stop in at 202 High Street, Morgantown, West Virginia!

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For a complete list of ingredients and steps on making Beast of Bourbon, click here.


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