Keeping You in Suspension

Tin 202 on 202 High Street, Morgantown, West Virginia, prides itself on shopping local: local meats, cheeses, produce and beer. Especially beer. Chris Evans, co-owner of the bar and restaurant, is a firm believer that staying local is important to the community, aiming to support as many businesses as they can because that’s who they are; they are a family owned and operated small business.

“It is exciting to us when we find other businesses who have a belief and goal to have a strong community presence. To take pride in the products they produce because their family and livelihood depend on it.”

It is also why they are continuously changing their menus. New seasons mean new foods and beverages to experiment with and keep their guests coming back for more; and with the up and coming menu change, Tin 202 is excited to introduce a new and local ale by Brew Keepers that will be added to the assortment of cocktails, wines and beers they have on tap.

Brew Keepers did not become an official concept until March of 2013 when Kevin and his wife Carolyn discussed the possibility of one day owning a brewery. With the base for a business scrawled on a napkin, and with their partner, Josh Fulton, this trio’s dream of bringing their own style to the craft beer world became a reality when they opened their doors Monday, July 18th, 2016.

Featuring Soon: Suspension by Brew Keepers in Wheeling, West Virginia

Named for the famous bridge built in 1849, this refreshing cream ale with a sweet and malty corn flavor is their take on a Pre-Prohibition style beer that represents history, which is perfect for the ambiance of Tin 202. This new craft brewery is certainly putting a spin on an American classic by combining the two concepts.

“More character than your typical American Lagers, but just as easy to drink.”

You can expect to see this new ale provided by a local brewery on our menu, Wednesday, October 5th!