On The Other Side

Tin 202 at 202 High Street in Morgantown, West Virginia is well known for their craft cocktails. They take pride in utilizing fresh juices and concocting new and inventive drinks. However, it is not just the minds behind the bar that keep the guests coming back for more; it is also the creative minds of Executive Chef, Joshua McKenzie, Sous Chef, Cody Armstrong, and their talented team. If you have been in the restaurant, whether to have a few drinks at the bar, or sit down and dine at a table, you have probably seen the kitchen through a rectangular window. What you don’t see is the, essentially, “tiny box” space that they have to maneuver through.


The amount of work that goes into preparing the type of food Tin 202 prides itself on is usually done in a kitchen three times as large as the one they have in the High Street restaurant. However, the small space does not keep them from reaching their potential. To Chef Joshua, one of the most important aspects he takes pride in when it comes to his kitchen and his team is their personal skill levels and how they are always improving. Nothing is too big or too small when it comes to taking on new recipes and advancing in knowledge.

The chefs of Tin 202 take pride in striving to utilize local farms and fresh ingredients and to create unique recipes. In fact, their beef for their Filet Mignon comes from a farm right here in West Virginia! Their changing menu and specials are full of creativity that they hope their guests will enjoy.


You can check out the new menu here to see the new dishes this High Street restaurant’s chefs have concocted; you can also check out their InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for news, updates, and pictures of the various goods they have to offer. So the next time you happen to be dining at Tin 202, don’t be afraid to walk up to the open window that peeks inside their tiny kitchen and say hello to the Chefs; they enjoy feedback and putting a smile on someone’s face!

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